Inspire Possible

Our mission is to strengthen and unify our community through collaboration and virtue.



What sets us apart is our “three bucket” collaboration strategy. Each of our initiatives will fall into a bucket;  lead, facilitate and support.  We will lead in the areas we can be great at, facilitate what we believe in and support what we know needs to be accomplished.  This strategy allows us to maximize our reach by supporting non-profits who have already made headway in an area of identified needs and priorities. It also allows us to use our facilities and volunteer streams,  not only to lead in the areas of our highest ability, but open our doors to bring together a broad range of people and organizations to implement a comprehensive community engagement plan.  




315 Osborne Road | Suite 100
Spring Lake Park, MN 55432

‭(763) 317-9680‬



We want to be a rising tide. A bright light. To find the needs and meet them. We don’t want to be the do good bully, but rather asking the question,
“How can we help?”
— Tim Sanders, Executive Director