Inspire Possible


Inspire Possible is a data-driven solution center, whose purpose is to find needs and meet them. 


Our purpose is to fulfill a comprehensive community engagement plan, in order to increase effectiveness and influence in our community. Our mission is to champion collaboration across sectors, providing a permission slip for partnership by rallying around universally accepted virtues (dignity, honor, respect, and service) and provide a data-driven approach for meeting needs and providing opportunities in community. This is accomplished by demonstrating genuine care for people and community needs by engineering collaborative efforts that bring about positive change. Our primary area of focus will be in the area identified in a community survey as the greatest need; youth mentorship. 


Our Core Values

●  Excellence

●  Collaboration

● Research, data-driven decisions

●     Building an inclusive and equitable community through virtue

●     Solution Orientated

●     Generosity


What we do


We have began running several successful programs.  Our biggest and brightest is SOAR (School of Artistic Refinement). This is a place to empower people to reach their fullest potential in the creative arts. SOAR is a training ground to help people grow, discover, and fulfill their unique purpose-creatively. At SOAR, our mission is to guide and develop the gifts of students through skilled training and one-to-one encouragement. We currently offer lessons in voice, drums, guitar, bass, and piano as well as ensembles.

SOAR music school is staffed with talented musicians who also have a desire to mentor and encourage youth through music. Our instructors are highly qualified artists and each carefully chosen to bring alignment to our mission. 

Here are just a few facts about our growth and success in the past two years…

Students & Performances

We had dozens of students attend our first session, and we doubled registration by our third session.  Our vocal ensemble has performed several extraordinary performances for large audiences.  It's an amazing and moving experience for all. 


Our Directors of SOAR, are  JonCarlos and Gabriella Velez.   They are accomplished singer/songwriters, have been featured on The Voice as well as lead worship pastorsfor many years. Along with this dynamic couple, our instructors are all prolific musicians and passionate about mentoring youth. Our music instructors are each carefully selected to make sure they meet our core values and standard of excellence.


Rooted is an initiative aimed at reaching vulnerable children and families. Whether its temporary crisis care, kids currently in foster care or adoption,  Rooted’s mission is to educate, equip and empower our community to meet the needs of orphans.  We have hosted informational sessions as well as  launched an event with over 75 families in attendance, all interested in helping answer the call to orphan care.   With further funding we hope to build this programby increasing awareness through events, and community spotlights, through visiting and caring for current foster families, and bringing down the number of children waiting for their forever home. 


Although our mission extends beyond coat drives and event based need-meeting, it is our hope to have the ability to be a solution center. That meaning, if the schools need coats, backpacks or help in any way, they know they can come to us. We hope to have funding set aside to meet the urgent and unexpected needs, as they come.  Although this is a hard initiative to measure success, it is important. 


As stated above, part of what sets us apart is our vision to go beyond  building our own solution center, and collaborate with and support other nonprofits who have already created a pathway of solutions in the areas we value.  Here are some example of Non-profits we can support:

  • Hope For Youth, a center supporting homeless youth in Anoka County.
  • Wrapped in Love, aprogram providing homemade blankets and supplies for newborn babies in need.
  • Prepare Tax Planning, a nonprofit (needing only to use our facilities) that helps those in our community with tax planning services, that couldn’t otherwise afford it. 


As stated in our data and research, here are some examples of projects to pursue:

  • After School community mentorship programs
  • Tutoring Center
  • ESL Center
  • Community Center 

Our Goals

1. Cultivating collaboration between the four key solution providers; government, corporate, faith cooperative, and givers ( philanthropic and volunteer). Entities from each sector have unique contributions that they bring to the table for increasing collective impact and solutions to meeting needs. 

2. Use the data provided by the C4 Group as a targeted approach to meeting community needs and providing opportunities in the community.

3. Building relationships across differences and continuing to harness the vibrancy that comes from diversity. 

4. Launch identified community initiatives and efforts. 

5. Grow and develop our current programs.

6. Increase our revenue streams so that we may hire key positions to execute and further our goals.


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